Over the years I have been to the capital cities of many countries, but never to our own.  We will fix that this weekend as we fly to Washington D. C. in time for New Years Eve.  We will spend four days trying to take in as much as we can of the historical wonders of the city.  I intend to do some on site praying for our nation since I have never been more troubled about where we are as a people.  I am not discouraged, however, about the advance of the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.  At the same time that I have been observing troubling signs in American culture, I have been seeing some of the most dramatic evidences of the transforming power of the Lord that I can recall in over forty years of ministry.  I also am well aware of a world wide phenomenon that many are calling a spiritual awakening of epic proportions.  I will be praying that this awakening will visit the United States.  At present it does not seem to be doing so.  It isn’t because God is reluctant.  It is because as a people we are obstinate.  We are also quite forgetful of our heritage.  In many cases, the public education system in our country seems determined to suppress our heritage.  It is more important than ever for the churches to provide educational information about the true history of the American people.  On the very top of the Washington monument are these encouraging and amazing words in Latin, “Laus Deo” which means “Praise be to God!”


Dan Wooldridge

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