Guard your heart!

Many people have referred to Proverbs 4:23 with reference to personal purity.  This is the verse that bids us above all to guard our hearts for from our hearts flow the wellsprings of life.  There are strong evangelistic implications in this verse as well.  There is nothing which is more opposed by Satan than the heart of the evangelist.  In my years, I have watched person after person develop a passion for evangelism, but then go through a period distraction brought about by trials and temptations.  I am convinced that the greatest reason that we do not reach more people for Christ is that we get distracted by other things.  Baptist churches went through a great struggle in the midst of my years as a pastor.  There were assertions and promises that once we settled issues of Biblical authority we would see an unprecedented harvest.  Where is that harvest?  For my own part, I saw very few examples of leaders who doubted the authority and reliability of Scripture.  What I saw instead were leaders who were lazy and unfocused.  Leaders who knew but didn’t do.  I am a biblical conservative and always have been.  I believe God’s Word is without error.  However, I also believe that when we profess to adhere to the authority of Scripture we should obey the Lord’s commands.  You really only believe that portion of the Word of God that you have put into practice.  Do not tell me that you believe in the authority of the Great Commission if you will not take advantage of the incredible opportunities for local church involvement in world missions.  Do not tell me that you believe the bible if you are not an Acts 1:8 practicioner sharing Jesus in your Jerusalem, your Judea, your Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.  Before there can be a new day for reaching people, we will need a change of heart.  Having a heart for God requires having a heart for the world for which Christ died.  Guard your heart!

Dan Wooldridge

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