Changing the image of a church in a community is vitally important to reaching people. In 1995, Crestview had an old sign on Williams with a message board that the church had not used in years. They had lost all the letters except for those that were randomly on the sign and it really didn’t convey any complete message. I will never forget the leadership meeting in which I stated that the only appropriate message that we could put on that old sign would be the single word “closed”. I have never been known for my caution. I wanted to startle us into a process of presenting a new face to Georgetown. I challenged the church to replace the sign with one at street level and better lighting. I asked them to adopt the phrase “people sharing jesus” as a means of identifying something of our mission to the city. It would be placed on the sign. Troop 405 and Scoutmaster Calvin Gray moved the old sign to the back of the lot where it stood for many years with a new paint job and without the message board. This was an eagle project and met a need of identifying the church to anyone coming on to our lot from the neighborhood.

Additionally, we painted some trim and replaced some rotted facia boards. Travis White and Wayne Arnold climbed up on the sanctuary roof and repaired a light that illuminated our steeple so that people coming down Williams Drive could see it. We were working hard to make the campus look alive. The purchase of our first house that was mentioned in my last post also helped us to clean up the property and open up our lot to the street. In 1995, you could not see a single automobile on the parking lot from Williams Drive. Once we had purchased the first house that changed. People in Georgetown were seeing activity on the campus. With more than 20,000 automobiles per day passing down Williams, this was vitally important. It seemed as if every step we were taking was blessing us with new life and growth.

Without the help of lay people like Buck Christian, Leroy Hall, Dave Coburn, and many others, I cannot imagine how we would have been able to move forward as we did. To God be the glory!

Dan Wooldridge