God’s Redeeming Love

When we use the word “redemption”,  we usually think of our salvation through Jesus and the fact that he has redeemed us from our sins.  The word means to buy back.  As I child I remember going with my mother to a green stamp redemption center and buying nice things with books of stamp which had been saved up over time.  It seemed like we were getting things for free.  God’s redemption is free even though it is not cheap.  Through the great cost of the cross, Jesus has bought us back from slavery and loss. 

 Redemption is so very much more than simply settling where we will spend eternity.  God’s redeeming power can redeem broken relationships, cause beauty to arise where there was formerly only ashes, and restore that which has been destroyed.  God sets into motion a tidal wave of redemptive love that washes over the confusion and darkness of humanity.  As surely as Jesus rose from the dead, the hopeless can move from a hopeless end to endless hope.  So do not be discouraged, the same Jesus who gave His all on the cross can mend your broken heart and restore your broken and battered lives.  Trust Him deeply and watch for the waves of joy. 

Dan Wooldridge

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