God Will Always Have a People.

Even as I write these words God is raising up a people for His name.  God will always have a people.  If one group turns their backs on Him another group will turn their faces toward Him.  In recent days God has allowed me to dialogue with several of a new generation of Spiritual leaders that God is raising up.  One of the young people from our church family came to my home this weekend to discuss the things of the Lord.  “I was amazed at his understanding and his answers.”  (To quote a phrase from Luke)  It is good to see that there is another generation of young people who recognize that God’s word is divinely inspired.  Before we know it they will be the pastors and lay leaders of the American church. I am praying for a fresh outpouring from God in this coming decade.  I am passionate about passing the baton to those who will continue the race until Jesus comes to bring the world to its appointed end.  I am greatly encouraged.  God is raising up a new generation of servants and prophets.

Dan Wooldridge

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