God Still Moves!

Church growth and the moving of God’s Spirit are not the same thing.  We who live along the Interstate 35 corridor have been watching this area grow for a decades.  Along with this growth almost every church that created any room to grow, grew.  Growing a church in a growing population can be as simple as unlocking the doors on Sunday morning. 

Count me among those with a holy disatisfaction with mere growth in numbers.  I want to see lives changed.  I want to see evidence of the moving and working of the Holy Spirit.  This is exactly what I am privileged to see.  I regularly see the evidence of God’s activity in the lives of people.  I am aware of a great number of situations in which God is doing a work in people’s lives that could not be explained apart from His transforming power.  When I scan the faces in the crowd, the Holy Spirit reminds me of where many of those faces I see have come from.  I am a walking library of the stories of lives transformed by the touch of God. 

Wouldn’t it be interesting if instead of asking how many people attended a given church on Sunday, the question was how many changed lives have emerged from this or that church?  Somehow I think that is the statistic that matters most to Jesus.

Dan Wooldridge

1 thought on “God Still Moves!

  1. Amen and amen. I thunk we have become so enamored with church growth that we have lost sight of what “it” is all about. Jesus was never concerned with the numbers of peiple that followed Him. His only concern was the number of lives that were changed. His concern has not changed over the years. He is still concerned with lived being changed. Somehow we, the church, has lost sight of this and forsaken our fisrt love. The good news is that it is not too late to rightthe ship. Thanks for this post. Keep it up.

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