There is a buzz on the airwaves about a man who in a rather homespun fashion stood up for biblical morality and paid a price of being excluded from a popular television series.  In his usual crude and country way he paraphrased Scripture and affirmed his own views.  He also affirmed his own need of grace and his awareness that only God has the final word of judgment.  Most interesting about this matter is that he was stating a position that has been espoused for thousands of years, and yet it was deemed radical and controversial.  Strange!  One of the most distressing developments of our day is the deep confusion that exists about the nature of Christian love for others.  Here we are just before Christmas when we need to have a clear understanding of what the coming of Christ means.  The Incarnation was God’s expression of the desperate circumstances of mankind and his grace extended to bring about our transformation.  God loves us too much to leave us the way we are.  In our day many insist that it is unloving “hate speech” to suggest that a certain behavior is immoral or sinful.  If this is to be the new definition of what is loving, then Jesus was using hate speech when he spoke the Sermon on the Mount.  He challenged all kinds of unrighteous behavior.  God’s word would be in ribbons if we removed every passage that exposes the need for repentance and renewal.  Surely each of us must always hold ourselves to high standards and know that the God who desires moral purity does so only because we are  twisted and vile until we are transformed by his grace and power.  Do not be deceived by popular culture.  Popular culture is the hand maiden of the evil one.

Dan Wooldridge

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