These days have been the strangest days of my life. I sometimes feel like a character in a science fiction movie. The adjustments we are being asked to make right now are understandable, but let us not be deceived into thinking that we are in control of our own destiny. We all have an appointment with God someday. Maybe this is why we are going through this. It is an opportunity for us to realize our dependence on God. Our hope is in the Lord and not in our government. We should each avow that when this strange time has passed we will not forget the lessons learned in these days. No matter how much we have tried to limit our contact with one another, God is never distant. He is with us. We should be finding more time for prayer and reflection on the real purpose of life

. We should also have greater respect for those who are faithfully serving us in these days regardless of personal risk. Just as we have remembered fireman rushing into burning towers in 2001, we should remember medical personnel and other public servants who have courageously met needs in the midst of quarantines.

Those lessons of 2001 as well as the lessons of today remind me of a God who would not keep his distance from a sinful and fallen world. He sent his one and only Son into the world to come into contact with all of the contamination of sin in order to overcome it for those who would believe in Him. He would not keep His distance then, and He is not keeping His distance now.

Be encouraged!

Pastor Dan

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