Georgetown Jobs Cafe

Jesus met people’s needs.  He told stories about work and wages.  He fed hungry people.  Today I went to the first open meeting of the Georgetown Jobs Cafe.  This is a Christian network dedicated to helping people in the name of Jesus.  The help they are providing is to assist people who are in between jobs by sharing information, developing skills for application processes and resources, providing counsel and encouragement, and seeking to network with churches, organizations, and employers.  Maybe you know someone who needs a job.  Maybe you know someone who needs and employee.  To find out more, simply google Georgetown Jobs Cafe.  The first few meetings will be in Georgetown Library on Wednesdays.  I led a devotional there today in which I reminded those attending that our God specializes in comebacks.  He brings His people back.  Sometimes from slavery, sometimes from captivity, sometimes from the belly of a whale, and sometimes from the grave.  I am confident He can help the unemployed.

Dan Wooldridge

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