From Death to Life

In the movie, The Missing, Tommy Lee Jones points at his granddaughter and asks, “Are you afraid of dead things?”  Unfortunately  the world is oblivious to the fact that it is under the sentence of death.  Most people are spiritually dead in our world and oblivious of the fact.  Far from being afraid of dead things, most people do not recognize the deadness all around them.  Dead relationships, dead minds, dead emotions, and even a quite a few dead churches dot the landscape.  The glorious message of Easter is that dead things can live again.  There is new life in Jesus.  He who rose victoriously from the grave can raise us up to new life in Him.  America needs a resurrection in the worst way.  If real revival comes, it will be like life from the dead.   Several years ago the movie, Sixth Sense, portrayed a man who was dead and did not know it.  I am praying that God will first make people keenly aware of the spiritual death that surrounds them.  When that happens, I pray that they will see what wonderful news the risen Christ truly is.

Dan Wooldridge

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