For the Love of Becky, Who is Jesus?

Don’t stumble over the title.  Becky represents anyone and everyone who has not yet settled the question of the truth about Jesus.  God’s love is expressed in revealing the truth to us.  As Jesus once said, “the truth shall make you free.”  Jesus is clearly presented in the New Testament as being the Son of God.  That sonship, however, is expressed in His oneness with God and the Holy Spirit.  In one sense the bible presents all people as children of God, but Jesus is the only begotten.  He is not “a son”, but “the Son”.  The New Testament says that all the fullness of God dwelt in Him.  (Colossians 1:19)  Is there any evidence that this is true?

The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is the fundamental issue that powerfully demonstrates the truth of all that He said and did.  If Jesus rose from the dead, then the world is a different place than it may appear on the surface of things.  The New Testament powerfully witnesses to His resurrection.  It underscores His brutal death.  It declares His resurrection as an event which left the tomb empty.  He arose bodily.  It lists His various appearances after He arose.  It reveals that His body was somehow different; somehow glorious; and nevertheless still a body.  His closest followers were transformed into men and women of great hope and courage by the event.  Many of them would die as martyrs because they fearlessly shared the truth about Him in a world that often did not want to listen.  (Much like our world today)  In less than one hundred years the entire civilized world had heard of Jesus and even secular historians had to write about Him in order to make sense of the sweeping changes that His life and teachings were making in the world around them.  Today the sun never sets on His church.  He is worshipped every week in hundreds of languages and on every continent and in every country on the planet.

The first followers were prepared to grasp the significance of the resurrection of Jesus by noting the teachings of the prophets in the Old Testament that had foreshadowed His coming.  They were also prepared by the many miracles that He did during His years of public ministry.  He healed sick people, made blind people see,  walked on the surface of water, fed multitudes with a few morsels, commanded the wind and waves, and spoke words unlike any man had spoken before.  They learned of the unusual nature of His birth and the prodigy of His youth.   They learned about the meaning of His crucifixion as fulfillment of a Divine plan of forgiveness.  Isaiah the prophet in the fifty-third chapter of his prophecy described the  death of Jesus for sinners seven hundred years before it occurred.

The evidence that Jesus was unusual is overwhelming.  Even non-Christian scholars must admit that no man who ever walked on this earth has had such a profound impact as He has.  Becoming a Christian is not just examining the facts.  Becoming a Christian is not even merely acknowledging that certain things about Jesus are true.  Becoming a Christian is entering into a relationship with Him.  It is receiving Him into ones heart by faith.  It is surrendering to Him as Lord and beginning to live life by His teachings and example.  The facts establish a basis for faith, but faith opens the door to heaven.

Dan Wooldridge

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