For the Love of Becky, the Last Post of the Series

Over the years, there have been thousands of Ben’s, Bill’s, and Becky’s who stood back from the Lord for what they believed to be intellectual reasons.  It is easy to ask questions about certain mysteries in the bible and in the spiritual realm.  In the final analysis, some of the most intellectual people who have ever lived on this planet confess Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.  They often raised all of the questions that skeptics raise.  They also raised hundreds of questions that most skeptics would never even think to ask.  A large percentage of those who stand back from Jesus for their intellectual reasons have not seriously engaged the message of the Bible.  They have not yet seen that it is profound on a level that is unequaled in the realm of literature.  They have not taken note that it is the all time best seller by millions and millions of copies.  They do not realize that the bible was literally the first book to come off of Gutenburg’s press.  Weighing the evidence of those who have taken a serious look and confessed Jesus as Lord that are also honest intellectuals, I make a statement that is sometimes hard for people to hear.  “People do not really have an intellectual problem with God; they have a moral problem with God”.  It is not that they cannot believe for that would indict the untold millions of studious and bright Christians living and dead.  It is that they will not believe.  Somewhere in their subconscious mind they do not want to surrender to the Lordship of Christ.  They want to maintain control.  That control is an illusion anyway.  We did not choose to be born.  We did not choose where we were born or to whom we were born.  Our choices are inevitably limited.  We must choose to believe on Jesus or not to believe.  We are not, and cannot be neutral.  To withhold our faith is to choose unbelief.  It is a walk into the darkness.

Dan Wooldridge

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