For the Love of Becky, Am I Expected to Believe This?

As the story for Becky continues, it is time to talk about the scientific aspect of the Bible.  Since Becky brought it up, let’s start with the fact that Methuselah lived to be 969 years old.  There are some scholars who try to reconcile the exeedingly old ages of the patriarchs in the bible with modern life spans by suggesting that they used a different calendar.  I believe this is unnecessary.  In many cultures there are stories about very long lives of earlier generations of people.  We now know more about aging than we did even a few decades ago.  Radiation from the sun is a major contributor to the aging process.  In the bible and in other ancient records of people, there is also the story of a great flood that “covered the mountain tops”.  (Genesis 6)  Before that flood, the bible says that rain as we know it did not happen.  The world was watered by a mist that came down from above.  We know from greenhouses and other artificial means of caring for plants that such a state could be produced by very different atmospheric conditions.  God could have easily extended those early lives for purposes all his own.  The Scripture teaches that the ages begin to shorten after the great flood. 

Many modern people believe the Creation account in the bible to be rendered mythological by science.  To them I would call attention to Strobel’s, The Case for the Creator.  In his book he makes clear that far from disproving God, many modern discoveries are pointing to a mind being behind all of creation.  In fact the number of scientists who are believers has increased greatly in the the thiry plus years that I have been a pastor.  Some Christians insist on a very young earth which is only six thousand years or so old.  I have never seen that as necessary.  Time is a created thing.  Einstein proved among other things that there was a time when there was no time.  We should not be surprised to discover that things are not always as they appear.  Many of the assertions that were made in science books in my youth are now thoroughly refuted.  I am open to truth wherever I find it, but I reserve ultimate faith for the God who never fails and shall never be disproved.  He is the God who created time and is timeless.  Jesus is the one who was, and who is, and who is to come.

Dan Wooldridge

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