Having emphasized solitude, it may seem strange to come back and call for fellowship.  However, fellowship as a spiritual discipline is not the same as just hanging out with others.  Fellowship that is intentional is the kind of spiritual discipline we need.  When the followers of John the Baptist followed Jesus and ask him, “Where are you staying?”, that was the discipline of fellowship in action.  If you want to grow, find more mature Christians and try to tag along with them.  Help them in a ministry.  Accompany them on a mission trip.  Pray with them.  Seek ways to have nuturing conversations.  We cannot just sit and wait to be invited.  Sometimes we need to be bold and ask to have the opportunity for fellowship.  When invited to participate in a ministry, do not quickly decline.  God may be giving you an opportunity for growth.  The best fellowship is described in 1 John 1: 1-4.  Check it out.  That is the fellowship that produces change.

Dan Wooldridge

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