Baptists are better known for their pot luck dinners than for fasting.  Some Baptists would probably be puzzled to hear the word used and wonder if the pastor had not gone overboard.  Lost to many Christians is the reality that Jesus went into the wilderness to do battle with Satan as recorded in Matthew chapter four, and his initial action was a forty day fast.  It should be remembered that fasting does not preclude drinking water or even fruit juices.  In fact fasting is not limited to changing your relationship with food.  When we look at Scriptural examples, we note that the activity was purposeful and focused on laying aside the distraction of meals.  We have other distractions.  Maybe a television fast is in order.  An entertainment fast would be another possibility.  Fasting from any activity that limits our ability to focus on the Lord would aid us in real changes.  A layman came to the Lord as an adult and rapidly grew into mature Christian.  He learned the Scriptures at a pace that was amazing.  His reading list of books to help him grow was excellent.  I ask him what he had done to make these great strides.  He quickly answered, “I turned off the television”.  Doing without food, television, sports, or any number of diversions in order to grow in Christ falls into the category of fasting.  If you really want to change, you must be willing to fast.

Dan Wooldridge

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  1. Fasting from television? I never thought of that. I watch news for hours and get so depressed. I am going to try that. Could you recommend some books, along with the bible of course.

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