Explore the Bible: Whose Life is Important? Matthew 5:21-22

     Some have labeled the western mindset as “the culture of death”.  The enthronement of self always leads to the devaluation of others.  The recent case of Calee Anthony illustrates just how far this self centered approach to life can take us.  It is almost certain that this beautiful little girl was murdered by her mother.  Though not yet proven in court, this would be only one of a number of cases of child murder by parents in recent years.  We should not be surprised.  For twenty five years now, we have been allowing the unborn to be disposed of legally.  It was inevitable that this transition would come. 

Jesus reminded us of the God’s law as to the consequences of murder.  He further illustrated that the perverse heart was the seed bed for these actions.  A hateful attitude is murderous.  Such a heart wills destruction and therefore is guilty before God.  Exodus 21:22-25 reminds us that the unborn are valued by God.  The Lex Talionis code contained here was designed to limit punishment that it not exceed the offense.  It sounds strange to our ears today.

Deuteronomy 24:19 reminds us that the weak and helpless are to be cared for and that God rewards those who bless them.  Luke 20:47 records the severe consequences of not taking care of the defenseless.  All human life is precious to God.  God watches to see how we relate to and care for one another.  He will not overlook a callous disregard for human life.

Dan Wooldridge

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