Isaiah chapter six contains one of the greatest passages to be found among the writings of the prophets.  It is often called the testimony of Isaiah concerning his call from the Lord.  Isaiah had a glorious vision of the Lord.  Interestingly, we are told that he saw the glory of Jesus according to John 12:41.  This would be an example of a vision of the Son of God hundreds of years before His birth.  Jesus is eternal as God the Father is eternal.   Isaiah seems to have been in the Temple when he had the vision.  The Lord was above him in a heavenly place.  The train of the Lord’s robe, which may have been like a train of light, filled the Temple.  Isaiah saw heavenly creatures called Seraphim.  They are a reminder to us of the living beings that populate heaven.  Angels of various ranks along with creatures that are of amazing appearance are revealed to populate heaven. 

   Isaiah’s response is to become excruciatingly aware of his unworthiness before a holy God.  This response to an experience with God is common in Scripture.  Isaiah recognizes the prime location of his sin to be in the area of speech.  How wonderful it would be if a deep down conviction as to the sinfulness of reckless human speech would fall on mankind.  I am confident that a vision of the Lord would cause a holy hush to fall on those who kill and maim with words.  Isaiah also recognized his problem was universal.  God acted in response to Isaiah’s confession.  Humble, heartfelt confession always precedes God’s gracious dealings with us.  God purges those who share his own revulsion at the deceitfulness of sin.  God then issues a call for someone to send, someone who will go on His behalf.  Newly purged and changed from within, Isaiah responds, “Here I am.  Send me.”  God then outlines the mission to which Isaiah is assigned. 

This process is continued in each life.  God becomes real to us.  We see Him in the face of Jesus Christ.  We finally see ourselves for who we really are.  We are broken and repentant.  God does His redemptive work.  He then gives us the opportunity to join Him on mission in our world.  God saves for a purpose.  Everyone He saves has a calling.  Life finds meaning in participating in God’s mission in our world.

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