Explore the Bible: Are You Ready? 1 Thessalonians 5

Someday Jesus will return to earth.  This is so clearly affirmed that to deny it is to disregard the authority of the Word of God.  The Apostle Paul did not know exactly when Jesus would come any more than do we.  The admonition he gave to the believers at Thessalonica still applies to us today.  I have a particular way of outlining this wonderful passage.

BE REAL    Paul called his recipients “sons of light”.  We are never to be in the dark.  We have enough information about the Lord and His coming to keep us alert to the signs.  We also know what it means to be a child of God, and should know what the evidences are for a genuine relationship with Christ.  Those who participate in churches should always take special care that they are not “playing church”.  The Lord knows those who are His.  He frequently warned those who might be unprepared.  Several of His parables illustrate the real danger of assuming we are ready to meet Him at His return.

BE RELIABLE    We are saved to serve the Lord.  We are to be busy building His Kingdom.  Unlike those who do not understand where history is heading, we are to move forward with confidence knowing our own destiny and the destiny of the world.  Being sober means taking life seriously.  We are to recognize what is important and what really is not.  We are to be aware that spiritual warfare rages about us, and we should have on our spiritual armor.

BE READY    The Lord will come suddenly.  Those who are unprepared will not have time to correct themselves.  Even if Jesus does not come in our lifetime, the reality of his sudden coming is realized at our death.  One of the early spiritual leaders of the church was asked when we should repent.  He answered that one should repent the day before they die.  In reply his questioner said, “But we do not know when we will die?”  “Then repent today”, he said.  Good Advice!

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