Before the end of the summer, the Austin area will begin seeing billboards and ads on television and radio that will challenge them to explore God.  You could go to exploregod.com right now and find a wealth of essays and videos that are designed for the honest seeker after answers about faith.  More than 150 churches in the greater Austin area are cooperating in this venture which is primarily financed by a generous investment by a few dedicated Christian professionals who have quietly been putting this together.  There will be means of responding or connecting with ministries for those who show interest.  This is a first of its kind effort to connect with a technological generation who likely would not go to a crusade, but might explore God on line.  The most important component is prayer.  I want to challenge all who read this post to pray for Austin and surrounding area.  The primary focus is Williamson County, Travis County, and Hays County.  Did you know that the Austin metropolitan area is the most unreached part of the Southern United States?  It is truly a secular city.  One has only to look at how Travis county votes on moral or ethical issues to realize this.  What if God began a spiritual awakening in a city that has long been regarded as the most secular city in Texas or for that matter in the South?  It can happen.  Please pray.

Dan Wooldridge

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