In 1 John, John has much to say about the new life we receive when we are born of God. The following truths are gleaned from the pages of the epistle.
Those who are born of God: 1. Keep his commandments. 2:3-4
2. Walk as he walked.2:5-6
3. Love others. 3:14
4. Do not love the present world. 2:15
5. Confess and receive Jesus. 5:12
6. Practice righteousness 2:29, and do not make a practice of sinning. 3:9-10
7. Possess the Spirit. 4:13
8. Listen to the Word submissively. (The Apostolic word) 4:6
9. Believe that Jesus is the Christ. 5:1
10. Overcome the world. 5:4

Dan Wooldridge

About Pastor Dan

Dan Wooldridge has pastored churches in Texas for more than forty years. He has been a guest or conference speaker in over one hundred churches and participated in missions around the world. He has also been privileged to teach pastors through Howard Payne University while in South Texas.

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