When something is valuable to us we are willing to put great effort in to attaining it.  So it is with all accomplishments.  So it is with all purchases of great value.  Jesus spoke of the Pearl of Great Price and the Treasure Hidden in a Field in two of his brief parables.  Both of these parables contain the phrase, “all he had”, and indicate the principle of selling out to attain a goal.  Can you imagine the impact a church could make if every member sold out in their attempt to be dynamic disciples of the Lord?  That must be what the first followers of Jesus actually did.  No generation of Christians has ever accomplished what they did.  In a few short years they spread the message throughout the Roman Empire and beyond.  Ultimately even Caesar bowed to Jesus because of their lives and their faithful witness.

I personally believe we are in the last era of history as we know it.  I believe the world is moving toward an appointment with what the Bible often calls the “Day of the Lord.”  As we do so, I see signs of God moving in miraculous ways to gather people unto himself.  These wonders remind me of what I read in the Book of Acts.  I must hasten to say that I have little patience with the false and misleading world of so called “signs and wonders” ministries that seem to glorify men or churches more than the Lord.  The events that I am speaking of are not occurring on stages in front of audiences, but in the everyday lives of people who are having “Damascus Road” style encounters with Jesus Christ in dreams and visions.  These events seem to be most pronounced in one of the hardest areas to reach with missions, the Middle East.  Around the world the church is striving valiantly and paying the ultimate price with martyrdom.  They are selling out for His sake. Sadly, America is mostly sleeping through it.  Wake up, America!  The Divine is at the door. (Revelation 3:20)

Dan Wooldridge


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