Engage is the operative word for the conference which began tonight at FBC Gravpevine.  Seven of our staff are here.  We also sat with Don Cramer during the conference.  The program consisted of music by the Justin Cofield band who once played at Lane 7 at Crestview, a sermon by Bob Roberts an author and pastor from the Metroplex.  A testimony and song by Vince Carter who played on two national championship teams at Oklahoma and for the Oakland Raiders, and a message by Steve Stroope.  It was a good night.  Great emphasis was placed upon relational evangelism as the essential ingredient of all evangelism.  Disciple making was also emphasized which calls for investment of time, attention, and relationships.

We pick up again at nine.  Pray for us that God will speak to our hearts.  Pray also that we will be inspired as a team of ministers to go home refreshed, affirmed and ready to make a difference.

Dan Wooldridge

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