Draw near!

         I must admit that I am still learning about this blogging process.  I wrote a new page under this same heading which you can find under the heading “pages” when you pull up the pastor’s blog.  Be patient with me as I navigate new waters.

Let me pick up on the message of Isaiah 55 for the sake of those who may not have been in attendance Sunday, or if in attendance, not fully awake.  This wonderful passage is a call from the Lord to the thirsty and the broke to come and take possession of something of infinite worth.  It further invites those with material resources to properly evaluate how much more precious are spiritual blessings than anything material.  I am issuing a challenge for all who read this post to hear the word of the Lord.  He has invited us to come closer.  We often live in a fog without knowing it.  Tragedies, disappointments, economic changes, and even blessings can cause the fog to lift and allow us to see more clearly.  I believe that we are in one of those times right now.  The fog is lifting, and it is time to see the world with new eyes.  It is time to draw near.  The Lord will lend us his own view of things.  He will help us to properly evaluate our lives.  He will lead us to make wise decisions.  Do not for get that promise of Isaiah 55:2, “Listen to me, and eat what is good, and your soul will delight in the richest of fare.”

Dan Wooldridge

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