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I have always been a little cautious about listening to NDE testimonies.  That is “Near Death Experiences”.  I made an exception by inviting Don Piper to Crestview some time back.  The crowds were amazing which came to hear his story.  I was able to personally interview him and ask him some questions about his own understanding of what happened to him.  His visions were real.  He had no other explanation for them except that he walked on the edge of eternity for a time. (90 minutes)  One fact that he shared with me was that his left arm was severed in the accident and that bleeding to death was almost certain given the amount of time and the seriousness of his injury.  At any rate he lived and uses his story to encourage people to find a “new normal” beyond great experiences of pain and loss.

I think I need to explain why I am reluctant to focus on NDE testimonies.  My authority for the hereafter is the Word of God.  I do not and I will not base my beliefs about eternity on someone’s testimony of having died and returned.  The one who truly died and returned is my Savior, Jesus Christ.  His resurrection was from the full experience of death and not a NDE.  Such testimonies are interesting and can lend some support to the fact that people are more than flesh and blood.  People also have a spiritual nature.  They exist beyond the body.  J. P. Moreland has written on this subject in several articles and journals.  He is a true intellectual who has documented evidence of life beyond or outside of the body.

Concerning Dr. Maurice Rawlings, he was the personal physician to President Eisenhower.  He was a respected cardiologist.  I had heard his name, but had not known his credentials until this year.  Rawlings was an athiest until 1979.  In 1979 he was attending to a heart patient who died while being treated.  He revived the patient and was confronted by a terrified man whose hair stood on end.  The patient pleaded that he not be allowed to pass away again.  He cried out “I am in hell!”  Rawlings became a Christian shortly thereafter.  He was absolutely convinced that the message of Scripture is accurate and that there is judgement for the unprepared beyond death.  He then began to document other similar experiences.  He noted that unlike the positive experiences, those with negative experiences were not so inclined to talk.  Those who did talk had undergone a profound change in their lives.  There are videos on the internet of those testimonies.  If you view them, just remember that Maurice Rawlings was a doctor not a preacher.  He was highly educated.  He walked in the highest circles of power and influence.  Maurice Rawlings passed away in Chattanooga, Tennessee on January 5th, 2010.  He leaves behind several books and movies showing his research.  You should check them out.

Dan Wooldridge

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  1. That is amazing! My heart is burdened in such a way for those that do not know Jesus. I pray that all will be saved.

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