Does God care when I suffer?

Some people believe God must either be powerless to relieve the world of suffering or else not truly care about us.  Is there another possibility?  The pages of the New Testament reveal the depth of God’s concern.  The coming of Jesus included the suffering of Jesus.  This suffering revealed God willingness to get into the middle of our fallen world and take on its trials and griefs.  For the next few moments consider the fact that God is able to see a reality which is currently unavailable to our eyes.  It is the tendency of humanity to tie all of our hopes and dreams to this world.  In the average mind, if it doesn’t work out in this present time, then it just doesn’t work out.  Almighty God sees this world as something like a stage upon which the drama of redemption is being played out.  He has the script in hand.  He knows the outcome.  He understands the various roles and experiences as a rich masterpiece of His own creation.  Only such a God could “make all things work together for good to those who love Him and are the called according to His purpose.”   At some point we all must live with mysteries.  The question “Why?”  is not nearly so important as the question “to what end?”  Only God sees where all of this is going.  Only He finally decides what is just.  We are left with only one ultimate responsibility and that is to trust Him.  There will not be one person who will enter heaven’s glory saying, “I wish I had not trusted the Lord so much.”  The key to a life that glorifies Him is all bound up in trusting in the Lord with all of our heart.  That is easier on the good days, but it is necessary everyday.

Dan Wooldridge

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