Soon Crestview Baptist Church in Georgetown will be stepping out on faith and easing back into services at our building. I have greatly missed seeing our people. I especially miss watching our congregation grow and flourish as it has been doing through the years. However, I have a question. Do I have to go back to business as usual? Could I please take back a deeper appreciation for the purpose and mission of the church? Could I please go back with a greater passion and compassion for the urgency of every opportunity to touch the lives of others? Could I hold on to the discoveries of new ways of doing ministry? Could I carve out of a renewed schedule the kind of time for study and devotions that these days have afforded? These questions just keep rolling out of my mind.

These days have been hard days in which many have lost loved ones. Adding to their grief was the inability to have the kind of funerals and memorials that they desired to have. Fear has changed the way people in general relate with one another. It has caused an awkwardness in our encounters with others that we would love to shake hands with or embrace, but do not want to risk sharing infections unknown. I am more than ready to leave these things and others behind. Somehow I am not sure anything will ever be the same again with all of us. Thankfully Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and today, and forever. He has to come back. He promised that he would.

Dan Wooldridge

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