Darwin’s Bulldog

In my message on Sunday I mentioned T. H. Huxley.  Huxley’s nickname was “Darwin’s bulldog”.  Huxley loved to debate bible believing Christians.  He was quite successful at making them look foolish.  In those days in the late 1800’s, apologetics was not well developed.  Challenges to the faith were not usually met in a thoughtful way and archaeology had not yet provided so much historical support to the reliability of Scripture.  Christians had occasionally made arguments that were really not true to the overall integrity of the Scripture.  Today Huxley would not stand up well to the Christian apologists.  Men like Ravi Zacharias or Philip Johnson would have fared very well against his arguments.  I pointed out that he was the first man to use the term “agnostic” to define his position as it pertains to God or Jesus Christ. 

The term “agnostic” means “not to know”.  It really is not a very flattering term.  To casually call oneself an agnostic with reference to a very technical subject with which you have had little or no exposure is one thing.  To use the term with reference to the most discussed and debated subject in the history of words is like boasting that you are a dunce.  In fact the word “ignoramus” is the Latin equivalent of “agnostic”.    When was the last time you heard someone throw out their chest and declare themselves an ignoramus.  Let me say to all of you agnostics out there who might be reading this.  The evidence is in.  There is no substantial intellectual problem with the existence of God.  In fact the evidence is rapidly tilting toward belief.  I am personally aware of a number of scientists who have moved from athiesm to faith in recent years on the basis of the astounding discoveries of science.  Please stop boasting about what you don’t know.  It makes you look foolish.

Dan Wooldridge

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