Creation versus Evolution

I did not attend the Brown Symposium on the campus of Southwestern University, but I did view the complete set of dvd’s from that event.  The title was “Science and Religion:  Conflict or Convergence.”  One fact that was clear was that the scientific community is a bit bewildered that the people of America are unwilling to accept the traditional views of evolution.  Almost every well educated Christian leader that I know accepts that there is a certain amount of evolution at work in the world.  A simple illustration of this would be the variation within a species over time.  What is not accepted by a strong majority is the notion that all of life has come from a simple cellular beginning.  There is no real evidence for this.  We are asked to believe by faith that because there are slight variations within species that given enough time entirely new species will emerge.  You pick your faith and I will pick mine.  I choose to put my faith in a God who created everything.  Science can do its best to answer the questions about what things are and how they work, but God is the who behind the what and how.  His fingerprints are all over creation and all over history.  Some of those prints were made by Jesus Christ, who settled forever that in the midst of the natural there is the supernatural.

Dan Wooldridge

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