I had no sooner posted on the need for awakening in America until I received an email which extensively quoted Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of Billy Graham who was calling for urgent prayer in the first seven days of July for revival in our nation. She shares the same convictions that the Lord has impressed upon me. I urge all who read this to commit to special prayer for national awakening beginning tomorrow. She also calls for a seven hour fast on the seventh of July. I will plan to participate in this emphasis each day and in the fast on the seventh day. As if this statement by Mrs. Graham Lotz was not enough, this afternoon, I took my first look at Joel Rosenburg’s book IMPLOSION. Joel shares his personal insight that we will either have revival or ruin in America. I have been having the same sense of alarm in my own heart. I spoke this in one of my two sermons on Sunday and noticed the surprise on the faces of many in the room. Many of us are asleep aboard the Titanic. It is time to awaken!

Dan Wooldridge

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