Last night by special invitation of the interim pastor and long time friend, Logan Cummings, I was a guest of CVBC in Bastrop.  My mission was to tell the story of how God has shaped Crestview into an evangelistic church with a missionary heart.  I shared with them how our missions arises out of our outreach evangelism in the local community.  I shared that many who lead in our mission efforts were the product of our local efforts in outreach.  It is very natural for us to engage in evangelism abroad and around the nation because we engage in evangelism in Georgetown.  I was also encouraged to invite any of their members to accompany us on any one of our mission trips.  I was particularly asked to talk about Myanmar and our involvement there.  Several were quite interested in the possibility of going with us to Myanmar.  I further challenged them to consider some of our other mission trips.

CVBC is a spiritual gold mine.  Many people have moved out of Austin into their area between Bastrop and Giddings.  They are searching for a pastor at present.  Please pray that God will provide a pastor who will lead them to reach their area and lead them to be on mission in our world.  A number of those that I met have already had some experience in missions.  They are a gracious and receptive church who wants to be used by the Lord.  They are still a young church.  They have only been in existence a little over twenty years.  God has blessed them with a wonderful piece of property of more than twenty beautiful acres.  They already reach families from fifteen miles away from them.  One of the men just completed a map upon which he pinpointed where all the members live.  It was exciting to see the extent of their reach.  In case you didn’t know, we did that very thing in 1995.  One of our new members made a large map with dots on it to demonstrate where our people lived.  It was hung in a main hallway.  We used it to help our people see that we were already a church with a reach into all parts of the city.  We claimed all those areas as our mission field and began to move toward the church we are today.  Guess what!  God has expanded our territory.  Our map today would extend into Austin, Leander, Jarrell, Granger, Taylor, Salado, Liberty Hill, and even Killeen.

I am praying God will expand the mission and ministry of Cedar Valley Baptist Church in Bastrop.  Won’t you join me?

Dan Wooldridge

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