Can We Talk about Prayer?

As we continue to seek to make 10,000 visits in and around Georgetown, I am increasingly aware of a need that simply must be met.  We need prayer support.  I am writing this blog for the members of Crestview Baptist Church and the friends in the community who read it.  Would you pray for open doors for us?  Last Monday night as I visited, I felt the most unusual source of spiritual power at work.  Doors were open that I would never have expected to be open.  I could identify in people’s faces that they were genuinely blessed by the visits that Shannon and I were making.  As I was meditating on this, I checked my email to find that Pat Anderson, the chairman of our prayer committee had pledged to spend an hour and a half in our prayer chapel praying for us while we visited.  I am sure there were others, but I am equally sure that what I experienced was God moving through prayer.  The end result of this experience is that I am asking for a renewed commitment to fervent prayer for this great task.  Pray for the students who will get involved during Spring Break and for the people they will visit.  Pray for neighborhoods as you drive through them knowing that if someone hasn’t been there already, someone will be.  Pray for God to call people into this adventure of faith as the days grow longer with the coming of Spring.  Pray for people to come to our Lord Jesus Christ.  Pray believing.  Pray expectantly.  Pray passionately.  Pray!

Dan Wooldridge

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