Camp Crestview, week one, day four

Yesterday our fifth and sixth grade group were given an opportunity to make a commitment to Christ.  Dozens of them made commitments to renew their walk with Jesus.  At least ten indicated a calling to special ministry.  Fourteen made first time commitments to Christ. 

As of today one hundred and eleven children have indicated they were making a decision to follow Jesus.  Most of them said it was a first time decision.  We realize that for some this will be a process of understanding what it really means to follow Jesus.  At the very least we wanted to give them the understanding that each person must choose to follow Jesus.  This is not something that our parents can do for us.  God has no grandchildren.  He only has children.  We become a child of God when the Holy Spirit leads us to put our trust in Jesus Christ as the one who died for us and rose again.  We invite Him into our life and as John wrote, “Yet to all who received Him, to those who believed in His name, he gave the right to become children of God.” (John 1:12)  For many of these children it will be the first time that they understood that becoming a Christian involves having Jesus Christ to come and live in your life.  The Holy Spirit can help children to grasp this wonderful truth.  I know this from experience, because I too came when only a child to faith in Jesus Christ.  I remember vividly when I received Him by faith at the age of eight.  I am still being blessed by that happy choice.

Dan Wooldridge

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