Camp Crestview: Day two

  I doubt very much if I will have time for daily notes on Camp Crestview for this two week period.  However, I would like to make the observation that it is thrilling to see a church function as the Body of Christ.  There is something about this all day experience of ministry to children that brings out an extra measure of the grace of our Lord to reveal the different spiritual gifts as they function to meet a need.  None of us are gifted in every way.  Some of us are organizers.  Some are worker ants.  Some are encouragers.  Some can build excitement.  Some can bring the Word.  Some have the gift of an evangelist.  Some can provide hospitality.  Some can show mercy.  Some can perceive needs.  Some can meet those needs.  Together we see Jesus walking among us.  Those who cannot serve in this amazing event can pray.  Their prayers are desired and needed.

Dan Wooldridge

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