Camp Crestview comes again.

    The fourteenth year of Camp Crestview begins on Monday.  This years camp will involve 1100 children and more than three hundred workers.  Scores of other persons will participate in a variety of ways.  Fifteen hundred children have made decisions for Christ at this camp over the years.  They have followed through with baptism and membership at churches all over the austin area and around the country.  Thousands of adults have been touched by the growing faith and excitement of their children fostered through the ministry of several thousand volunteers over these years.  Spiritual growth has occurred in the lives of those who are willing to serve.  Many of our own youth and adults have grown in their understanding of God’s call to missions and evangelism. 

All of this, and yet this is the most historic year yet.  The most children will attend.  The most volunteers will serve.  Other churches have been and will be catching the vision.  Fellowship Baptist in Liberty Hill will attempt their own camp modeled somewhat after Camp Crestview.  Several other area churches are attempting modified versions of the camp.  A key leader in evangelism intends to visit this year’s camp and try to influence many other churches to try a similar approach. 

We need God’s help.  We simply cannot afford to do something so important and so grand in our own strength.  Pray for every staff member and every volunteer.  Camp Crestview comes again.

Dan Wooldridge

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