There comes a time when a ministry takes on a life of its own.  This does not mean that there is not a lot of work to be done to put the ministry together.  What I mean is that so many people are invested and take ownership of their respective roles that the Body of Christ reveals the true meaning of being the Body of Christ.

Such is the case with Camp Crestview.  One needs to see it to believe it.  How can over four hundred people conduct a ministry to 1200 children in a day when more and more churches complain of the difficulty of enlisting volunteers?  There is only one satisfactory answer.  God brings it to pass.  Once again many children have made life changing decisions that they will never forget.  God won’t forget these decisions either and he will faithfully walk with these children through life.  Only in eternity will we fully understand the cumulative impact of seventeen years of sharing the wonderful message of life in Jesus Christ with children.  Those who have made decisions this week were not even born when this ministry began.  Yet the God we serve saw these children coming long before he placed the vision for Camp Crestview in our hearts.

Glory to God!

Dan Wooldridge

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