Camp Crestview 2009 comes to a close.

This truly was a historic year for Camp Crestview.  We worked with more children than ever before.  We had more volunteers.  We saw more decisions made.  We had a state evangelism leader named Scott Willingham to visit the camp.  Another church sent a team to examine the camp and intends to try to do a program like this one.  It has never been so hot in June for Camp Crestview as this year.  The number of problems have been amazingly few.  Surely we have been faithfully prayed over by hundreds of prayer warriors.  More children in our oldest group expressed a sense of God calling them to special service than at any program of any kind in the history of Crestview. 

This morning the kinder-choir did five songs.  Their leaders were two of our older children, Ashley and Brittany Macy.  They led the kinder-choir for both weeks this year and did a great job.  In fact, the young people of Crestview are always so faithful and devoted to help.  It is a wonder to behold.  I have watched so many of them grow in Christ through service over the years.  This camp is an important opportunity for spiritual growth.  Once again this afternoon, we will see our platform overflowing with hundreds of children singing the Lord’s praise.   How blessed we are to share in the ministry of this church.  Jesus has a hold on us and He won’t let go.

To God be the glory!

Dan Wooldridge

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