By all means, save some.

1 Corinthians 9:19 – 22

Read this passage and imagine what this philosophy looks like in a modern setting.  In my own view people are becoming more and more diverse in America.  We have hundreds of people groups represented in the state of Texas.  Over one hundred languages are spoken in the State of Texas.  When you expand the vision to the whole of the United States the realities become mind boggling.   To do God’s work by only one pattern or style is a prescription for certain failure.  What we desperately need is a “save some” mentality in our churches.  We need to examine the demographic realities of our communities and develop strategies for touching them with the gospel.  We need to get over our fears regarding styles of worship and focus instead upon content of communication.  The most important factor is not which instruments may be used or whether or not we have choirs.  The most important factor is to be certain that our message is the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Biblically sound words clearly stated in sermon and song can be effective.  The character of singer and proclaimer is equally essential.  When the question is asked, “Should we have music programs with great choirs or praise bands?”  The correct answer is “yes.”   We need a “save some” mentality so that all kinds of people can be reached.  Cowboy churches, biker churches, traditional churches, modified traditional churches, contemporary churches, language churches, and under some circumstances ethnic churches are all part of a “save some” mentality. 

A cynic shouted, “Preacher, you can’t save ’em all!”  To which I answered, “No, but God can use us to save some.”

Dan Wooldridge

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