Crestview had long needed to change her appearance on Williams Drive. A traffic study had indicated that more than twenty thousand autos per day passed our building in 1995. We badly needed to expand our space for children and preschoolers. We were working on a plan to build about where our Adult Education Building now stands when Buck Christian came to our building committee with a proposal to build on Williams between two existing wings. There was great excitement when we realized that we could make a new statement to the community with this building. We wanted to say to Georgetown, “This is a church that is alive and growing.” The stain glass windows were placed in the building solely to inspire and challenge those who passed by. It took us until early 2000 to finish our design, campaign, and construction. We immediately saw positive results. People began to walk in seeking spiritual help like they had not done before. Some said the central window on Williams called to them to come inside. We had prayed for that very result. To this day we get that kind of response from the thousands who pass us. Today the number of autos who pass are more nearly forty thousand or more. Growth became less of a struggle with the new space. We knew we would need to build again, but now we had set a course for the future.

Dan Wooldridge

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