Bonhoeffer and us

God has always done his work through an overwhelming minority.  He sent one Son rather than a band of angels.  He chose twelve rather than several hundred.  He has raised up voices of dissent to bring about change.  Wycliffe, Luther, and Wilberforce were all lonely voices in their time.  If you are not willing to be a minority voice, then you must often settle for not being used of God.  Another thing these people had in common is that they did not relish the conflict.  Their core convictions held them fast, and they saw no other choice but to stand up and be counted.  It is interesting to me that there is a modern phenomenon of great interest in Bonhoeffer of Germany.  He stood up to Hitler and the Third Reich and paid for it with his life.  He also wrote great Christian books that have endured and been relished by several generations of leaders in ministry.  At the same time that his popularity is rising there is a concerted effort to silence minority voices in our own day.  The pressure to conform is great and growing.  It seems the world likes to admire her prophets in the rear view mirror.

Dan Wooldridge

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