Each week as we gather to worship one can see on our screen at various times these important truths.

                              WE ARE PEOPLE SHARING JESUS


                                     EXALTING THE LORD

                                     EQUIPPING THE LAITY


                                  EVANGELIZING THE LOST


                                   PEOPLE NEED THE LORD.

Whenever I am asked about our mission statement, that is my reply.  I hope that every member deeply contemplates the implications of this statement.  Could I go over it with you line by line?

PEOPLE SHARING JESUS – This is a two directional phrase.  It speaks of our common experience of Jesus.  We are one in Him.  He saved us and brings us together.  It also speaks of our obligation to reach out to others.  We share Jesus within our fellowship and we share Him with those who know Him not.

EXALTING THE LORD – It is not our business to exalt ourselves or our church.  We are to exalt Jesus Christ.  We do so by singing His praises and worshipping Him.  We worship God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  His praise is to be on our lips in word and in song.

EQUIPPING THE LAITY – We are to be making disciples.  In our bible study, our evangelism training, our ministries, and missions enterprises, we are seeking to grow people not only by sharing information, but also by enlisting them in service to the Lord.

EVANGELIZING THE LOST – Every program and every activity should be examined by asking the question of ourselves as to how that program fulfills the Great Commission.  We are not here for social activities.  We are here to be fully functioning followers of Jesus Christ.  This is our definition of evangelism, “So to present Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit that people will accept Him as Savior and follow Him as Lord in the fellowship of His church and share their witness with others.”   The task of evangelism is not complete until converts to Christ are equipped to share their witness with others.

PEOPLE NEED THE LORD – The church is the only institution on earth that exists for the sake of the people who are not yet a part of it.  Christ gave Himself for us, and we are to give ourselves for a lost and dying world.  It is really that simple.  That is our mission.  It is biblical.  It is Spiritual.  It is practical.  It is personal.  Let’s do it!

Dan Wooldridge

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