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With all of the events of the last few days, I have been unable to blog.  My trip to Howard Payne was a blessing.  It was so great to meet a large number of fine young people who plan to serve the Lord in various ministries.   Howard Payne continues to be a very important school for ministers.   They are particularly noted for their work in Student Ministry.  They now offer a masters degree for those desiring to minister to students.  In our trip to Hardin Simmons for Thursday through Saturday morning, I was able to meet with the president of Logsdon and a large number of the faculty including retired faculty members.  It was a great experience.  It is noteworthy that quite a number of young women are seeking training in ministry at both Howard Payne and Hardin Simmons.  In both instances I discussed the possibility of short term courses in evangelism taught by myself and other evangelistic pastors and leaders in Texas.  When I was a student at Howard Payne in 1970 through 1974, we had a course taught by Dr. Perry Webb which was taught every night for five days.  Each session was two hours.  We received one hour of credit for the course.  To this day I remember that course as one of the most helpful courses that I ever had.  What made it so effective was that the teacher was coming from the field of mission and ministry with a vivid awareness of the daily realities of working with people.  He had been pastor at First Baptist Church in San Antonio, and he gave us strong encouragement about effective ministry.  I draw on the wisdom God provided through Perry Webb until this very day.  Pray for our young people.  We need God to raise up a new generation of leaders.

Dan Wooldridge

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