There is nothing like a comment from an old friend to motivate me to blog. Sometimes I have so much to do that I cannot take the time to write. Then after awhile, I forget that I have this opportunity to speak to people. Blogging works better for me than facebook. I have met tens of thousands of people over the years and simply cannot work a facebook account with all my other tasks. A blog allows me to speak a word to those who bother to read.
The first comment on the previous blog was from a young man that I have known since Kingsville days. Randy Clayton was one of the most memorable young men that I worked with there. God in his providence placed him in Austin around the time that we came to Georgetown. I thrive on good relationships. God was so gracious to bring Randy and several others around us with whom we had a history. I spent several pleasant mornings over coffee or breakfast talking with and praying with him about the great challenge that Crestview would present. In those days we operated on a budget of under four hundred thousand dollars and gathered only a little over two hundred people for worship on an average Sunday. There was no way to know what the future held. Having a few people around who knew us from the past meant more than we can express. Phil and Gayla May and family were in the church having just finished leading music at a small church in Austin. I had known them for many years prior to our arrival. Mike and Janet Chandler and family joined within the first month. I had been their pastor in Kingsville. Stan and Michelle Ray joined also in the first month. I had been Michelle’s pastor in her high school years. Countless other persons visited the church who had known us or been members in other churches and encouraged us. All of these people were an important part of God speaking to our hearts to confirm the difficult decision of leaving a wonderful pastorate in Kingsville to basically start over in Georgetown. I still thank God for these human blessings. I am thankful for the way he used people from our past to help us move toward the future he had planned for us. Now there are so many wonderful relationships around us after twenty years that it is beyond describing.
Glory to God!
Dan Wooldridge

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