You can never be sure who reads these posts, but for those who do I will be back at my desk today. I took a brief break this week. (Though I found myself speaking on Wednesday on line and writing countless emails.) Today I am available by phone and email to anyone who needs the contact. I will be proactive in getting in touch with people. I hope you will join me in a special time of prayer each day focused on the end of this crisis. I hope you will also pray that God will use this time in people’s lives to draw them close to himself.

May I recommend a Scripture reading today from Jeremiah 29: 1-23. This is the prophet Jeremiah’s God given instructions to Israel while in exile in Babylon. Do not fail to notice the faith and hope promoted in the letter. It is a timely word to us as we adjust to strange circumstances. For many of us it is the strangest time of our lives. It makes me think of what it may have been like to be in England when the Nazis were dropping bombs on the United Kingdom during World War II. I know the war was worse, but the forced adjustments are the part that may slightly compare. I personally have never been through a time like this, and I imagine that is true of many who read this. During the war, many people sent their children to rural areas of England to shelter them from the bombings. I have heard similar stories of people scattering to rural areas of Texas and the United States where there are no registered cases of the virus. I surely hope they are not carrying the virus with them as they go. Enough of this. Read the passage in Jeremiah and trust the Lord. Our God is greater than anything that can come against us.

Pastor Dan

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