As to the new Gnosticism

Sunday, I referred the religion professor at Princeton who has become an advocate for the rediscovery and application of gnosticism to religious discourse.  Her name is Elaine Pagels.  What I did not refer to is her motive.  She believes that the Bible as we have it is paternalistic.  She is delighted to try to bring the gospel of Mary to the forefront.  She is more than willing to sacrifice the truth on the altar of political correctness.  She is not alone.  At the core of this gleeful campaign is the desire to break the power of God’s authoritative Word and open the door to the modern sensibilities.  Gnosticism was against the Church as an authoritative body.  It thrived on the fringe of Christianity as a secretive society which laughed at the assertions of biblical faith.  Pagels and others find their true family in such a community and such an attitude.  No wonder Pagels sees her so called “discoveries” as a way to engage the skeptics of religion.  No one has to believe anything in particular to be a gnostic.  It is at its core the exaltation of the human mind.

Dan Wooldridge

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