Another day at Camp Crestview

All over Texas you hear churches lament that they can no longer attract fifth and sixth graders to bible school.  Camp Crestview has captured the atmosphere of a youth camp combined with the emphasis of a bible school.  I often call it an all day on campus camp.  Through carefully planned transportation we are also able to take the students on day trips as a part of their experience.  We will have nearly three hundred fifth and sixth graders participate by the time our two weeks are completed.  These fifth and sixth graders go bowling one day, swimming one day, and to an amusement park one day.  No other camp can match the low cost for these activities.  The church joyfully bears much of the expense for the privilege of ministry to children and families.  Today hundreds of first through fourth graders will go to a place called “Reunion Ranch” which has swimming, paddle boats, playscapes, recreation fields, and a host of things to do for a special day.  While they are away our gymn will become a playground for fifth and sixth graders.  Outstanding inflatables will be brought in and enjoyed.  Our preschoolers will have extra outdoor activities today.  The love of Christ will be shown in countless ways as God’s Word is shared and relationships with dedicated Christian leaders are formed.  All this and its only Wednesday.

Dan Wooldridge

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