Angels unaware Hebrews 13:2

Stranger = danger!  Isn’t that what we teach children?  Of course we have only to watch the news to know the reason why.  Still there is that wonderful verse of Scripture that challenges us not to avoid or run from strangers and reminds us that angels have come in the form of strangers.  Abraham could tell you a story or two about that.  Yesterday, I challenged you to witness to your world.  I spent the moments emphasizing those you actually know.  Strangers come in two forms.  There are those whose names we may know, or at least their faces.  The rest are either totally unknown to us, or they are people we once knew and have forgotten.  These people number in the billions, and most of them we will never see.  How can one person make any difference to them.  We can pray, and we can care.  We can also give to world missions.  In these days of easier travel many of us  can actually go.  Which should lead us to the question,  “If we close the gap between ourselves and the strangers across the street or around the world, then what?”

  I am glad you asked.  That was part of the reason for yesterday’s challenge.  Please go back and read it again.  Being authentic in your concern for a stranger requires being authentic in your concern for those you already know.  You can’t just jump across the globe and know how to impact lives for Jesus if those who know you best have no awareness of your faith in Him.  Your ministry to the stranger will only be an act in some kind of play if you have to become someone else in order to do it.  Be a real follower of Jesus starting at your own home and among those who know you best.  If you will do that, God will send strangers to you before you can even get around to going to look for them.

By the way, the word “angel” is interchangeable with the word “messenger”.  Even though I am not certain that I have ever entertained and actual angel, God has sent me some amazing messengers in the form of strangers.  Share Jesus.  People need Him.

Dan Wooldridge

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