An Unsung Hero

The world often overlooks the very ones that they should celebrate.  Today I want to celebrate an unsung hero.  My wife, Shannon, has never sought the spotlight.  She never wants to be on the platform or presiding over some organization.  She is a wonderful wife and mother, an excellent artist, a creative designer who has done interior design on homes and churches, an amazing cook, a loyal friend, a listening ear, and recently has become a world class grandmother who still looks like she might be in her early forties.  Every time someone congratulates me for some new accomplishment or just for the ongoing work of ministry, some of that should go to Shannon.  No pastor ever had a more nourishing place of refuge in his home than I do.  She knows me better than anyone except the Lord and loves me anyway.  She has been my encourager and my kind critic.  I am constantly aware of God speaking to me through her prayerful observations and suggestions.  She constantly prepares me in a crisis by discerning in advance when something is not right in the lives of people in our churches or in our circle of acquaintance.  She has given me advance notice about a coming crisis on many occasions through a strong spiritual gift of discernment which she possesses.  When I look at my children and grandchildren, I am keenly aware of the crucial role she has wonderfully fulfilled in their lives.  They have been loved passionately by her, and they all know it.  She is a Proverbs 31 lady, and I could not be me without her.  She is my unsung hero, and I am singing for her today.

Dan Wooldridge

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