Sometimes we are at a loss as to how we can make contact with people and earn the right to share our message with them. I think you should know that on Tuesday of this week twenty or so of our members prepared and served a meal to more than 400 athletes and their families on the campus of Southwestern. As I stood in the service line passing out grilled chicken to parents, siblings, coaches and football players, I thought about the many ways churches advertise. We buy space in publications. We place ads in programs and papers. We keep a sign on Williams and insure its functionality and message are as well presented as possible. We produce mail outs and flyers and occasionally go door to door handing out information. Yet the thought I had as we served was that no amount of money we spent could make a better statement about our church than the faithful grilling in the hot sun of chicken breasts and the preparation and serving of a meal to these students, coaches, and families. Not only does it make them keenly aware of our existence, but by word of mouth becomes a part of the way people view the People Sharing Jesus.
Thank God for servant hearted people.

Dan Wooldridge

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  1. Pastor Dan, I just met a young man, Gustavo, w/ a young family. I tried to find info on Spanish Mission & ESL classes. I text him website link & encouraged him to come to CBC & ask for el Pastor, Dan. He is interested in ESL Lessons. Xxxooo

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