A Wednesday like no other at Camp Crestview

The Preschool group stayed on campus.  Their workers are so faithful and do such a wonderful job of laying a foundation in the lives of little ones.  Thank God for these faithful servants. 

Groups one through four went to Reunion Ranch and had a special day of outdoor events.  A much needed midweek break for teachers and those who prepare food and snacks. (They still have plenty to do, but it certainly makes the day a little easier.)  The leaders who go to Reunion Ranch have a very long hot day unless they are willing to get wet which makes the day go much better.

The fifth and sixth grade had the biggest response to a challenge to follow Jesus that we have ever had in a single week of Camp Crestview.  Eighty-six important decisions were made.  Twenty-five were first time professions of faith in Christ.  The remaining decisions were renewals of a previous commitment or a sense of being called to special service to Christ.  Twenty-nine indicated the latter decision.  This means that in the two weeks of Camp Crestview forty-six students expressed a call to Christian service.  This does not mean that they will all go into the ministry.  What it means is that they feel a calling to some kind of Christian leadership.  Many of them may in fact become vocational ministers. 

What an amazing day!

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