Most people are much more familiar with the parable of the grounds than with the parable found in Mark 4: 26-27.  In this brief parable, it does not seem to be a skillful sower who is scattering seed.  It seems as if the seed is virtually spilled out.  One could even imagine that it is almost incidentally or accidentally scattered.  The result is the sprouting up of new life.  I have been meditating lately on the profuse seed scattering that Crestview Baptist Church has done in these last eighteen years that I have been privileged to serve them as pastor.  From the very beginning of these years we have made a priority of sharing Jesus.  We adopted the statement PEOPLE SHARING JESUS as a definition of who we are.  We have labored to make that vision a reality through extensive training including hands on experiences of outreach.  We have permeated our programming with an emphasis on evangelism.  This is true in the areas of children and youth as well as local missions.  We have put an intensive focus on seeing adults come to faith in Christ. Our missions programs are conducted not only to meet human need, but also to scatter the seed of the gospel.  We have constantly ask our program areas to examine themselves to see in what ways they match our mission statement.  For those readers who do not know it let me pause and give it in all capital letters.   WE ARE PEOPLE SHARING JESUS THROUGH EXALTING THE LORD, EQUIPPING THE LAITY, AND EVANGELIZING THE LOST BECAUSE PEOPLE NEED THE LORD.  Each program area must measure itself against that statement.  If one of these elements is not present in their activity they really should either modify what they do or cease to function.  Quite recently we had a discussion in our deacon’s meeting about not funding any program that does not relate to our missions statement.  Each thing we do will be examined to be clear as to how they enhance the mission and purpose of the church.  The motive behind this is to be certain that our priorities are focused on the mission of Jesus.  The Great Commission and the Great Commandment are quite clear; as are the numerous times that Jesus stated his purpose for coming into this world.  If the church is the Body of Christ, then there should never be a disconnect between the mission of Jesus and the mission of the church.  When a church is on mission it scatters seed as a natural consequence of being in the world.   The church should scatter seed both intentionally and incidentally. It is God’s work to bring forth life from the seed.  Much of the fruit we see today is the result of seed scattered through the years.  Go scatter some seed.

Dan Wooldridge

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